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The power of leadership

The power of leadership

Developing Leaders

Developing leaders is a means to an end.

embedFar too much management training focuses on dry theory without helping the learner to apply this in the workplace. The power of Blue Water is in successfully linking theory to real-world action plans.

To be truly successful, any leadership development strategy should be linked to the organisation’s overall development strategy. By linking learning with the KPI’s which drive your business, then we can be certain that the learning activity has a lasting impact beyond the confines of the classroom.

Before embarking on a programme, we encourage clients to ask:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What do we expect to gain?
  • How will we measure our success?
  • What other initiatives can this complement?
  • What else can we achieve for our organisation as a spin off from this initiative?

The last question can be a number of benefits – for example:


Employee Engagement


engagedDisengaged employees don’t care. They turn up, do the minimum necessary, maximise the number of days they can take off, look forward to Friday and turn up only for the money. Employee engagement is a product of the quality of leadership.


Managing Change


changeChange is a constant part of any leader’s environment and resistance to change is a natural human reaction that is frequently made worse by the way change is introduced. A remarkably effective way of enhancing leadership skills and delivering a successful change initiative is to build a leadership development initiative around a specific change exercise.

Performance Management


permanageIt is the responsibility of leaders to do more than plan for success. They must make sure that the wheels turn to put those plans into action, constantly and to a high standard, and make the planned goals a reality.


Vision and Values


actionWhen Values are adopted (accompanied by an appropriate Vision) then an organisation takes hold of its culture and consciously moulds itself into something designed for success. But many organisations struggle to adopt the behavioural models and standards that will help them truly move forward and this impacts directly on their ability to manage change and performance and to gain employee engagement. Leadership is the route to moving vision and values from theory into reality.