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Making a Difference – our mission

Making a Difference – our mission

We Change Lives.

Making a Difference

makingadiff_logo_largeAs an organisation we have committed to providing charitable support to organisations who share our values and who make a difference to people’s lives. This was the motivation behind the foundation of the Making a Difference project in 2008.

Making a Difference:

· provides financial assistance

· provides fund raising and marketing support

· allows our employees and associates to engage with special projects and learn from them.

Since 2008 we have built and supported a school in Africa, helped homeless young people in Bradford and supported a charity for adults with learning disabilities in Harrogate. As well as giving something back to our local and worldwide communities, our employees and associates have also gained valuable learning experiences from working with these projects.

As Blue Water continues to grow, so our plans for Making a Difference grow with us. Please click on one of the links to learn more about a specific project, or contact us if you would like to get involved.


Blue Water is changing lives in the global community by funding and engaging with very special projects.

We began this process in 2008 and are on our 6th project.

These projects also represent valuable learning opportunities for Blue Water employees and associates.


2013/14 Project: The Blue Water School/Horticap

garden2For our 6th project we continue to support: The Blue Water Nursery School in The Gambia, where we pay teacher wages and teacher training; and Horticap Harrogate, supporting their marketing and communications, running their Facebook Page and helping to maintain the website. In addition to this, Horticap celebrate their 30th Anniversary this year which is giving us the opportunity to help them market their celebrations for this event. read more here.



2012/13 Project: Revisiting The Blue Water School

school2For our 5th project we returned to The Gambia and the Blue Water Nursery School. Funds were provided for a perimeter wall, enclosing the School and it’s grounds, keeping out the animals, and providing a defined, safe area for the children.
We also paid for the teachers wages and teacher training.
To find out about the School, village and people please click here.


2011/12 project: Horticap

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor our 4th Project we made an association with this organisation that provides learning and education in horticulture for adults with learning disabilities.

We transformed their marketing which led to an increase in footfall in the shop and raised awareness by targeting potential students, resulting in an increase in numbers. To find out more about the project and Horticap please click here.



2010/11 project: Growing The Blue Water School

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe returned to The Gambia for our 3rd project to provide a support package for our school, build a school garden and provide drinking water through refurbishing a local well. Our support for teachers wages and training is ongoing. More about The School, the village and the people and can be found here.




2009/10 project: The Community Film School in association with the Foyer Federation now Centrepoint

filmscholThe Foyer Federation, provides accommodation, support and training for vulnerable young people in the UK, who are on the verge of being made homeless. For our 2nd project we paid for 2 young people to set up a film school, in the Bradford branch, teaching not only technical skills, but also valuable life skills. Over 200 young people have now participated in the programme. The Foyer Bradford has now merged with Centrepoint, who have another 6 centres in Bradford. Click here to find out more. Centerpoint’s website can be found here.



2008/09 project: Building The Blue Water Nursery School in The Gambia, West Africa

school1For our 1st project we provided funds to build a Nursery School in Kumbija, a small village on the North Bank. The School was completed in the spring of 2009, and has three classrooms. It is looked after by Mr Sowe the Headmaster, supported by 3 teachers. Over 150 pupils have passed through the School and current enrolment is 120 pupils with 70 girls and 50 boys. Please click here to find out more about the School, the village and the people.