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KPI-driven programmes

KPI-driven programmes

What Makes Us Unique

What makes Blue Water unique is the way we construct a programme around our clients’ KPIs.

actionBy doing this we can measure the impact of development on leaders and their teams, and therefore measure the Return on Investment to the organisation.

It is essential to build measurement into leadership development initiatives. The great danger in this area of personal development is that management theory stays as just that – theory! Participants learn to repeat it but never truly understand it. Measurements prove to all concerned what is being achieved by the application of theory. Programme measures must always be an integral part of the design.

Our programmes have driven a wide variety of KPIs across all types of industries, from sales and customer service focused industries to manufacturing and R&D. KPIs which we have improved include:

  • Sales growth
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Customer service scores
  • Raw materials wastage
  • Reduced debtors
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover

Methodology is crucial to constructing a programme which will move the needle in terms of performance improvement. Great content delivered well is not enough to help individuals change their behaviour. At Blue Water we design leadership development initiatives choosing from a variety of approaches, including:


Small Group Seminars

groupBy itself a group seminar is, in our view, an ineffective method of conveying learning. Our own method is based on observed learning cycles. Typically we focus on small study groups of 5 or 6, followed by the implementation of monitored action plans.

Action Plans

permanageThe challenge with action plans is getting people to do them! Yet practise with theory is essential to achieve understanding. Our extensive experience with ensuring action plan compliance encompasses a range of friendly pressure devices like compliance scoring and tele mentoring.

One to One Coaching

engagedWhere the need is greatest and the budget permits, one to one coaching can have a high impact. Get one to one coaching right and you can transform individual performance – great goals, great techniques, great results. As with small group seminars however, this requires a structure to ensure consistent action plan compliance.


embedWe use a range of measurement methods – we have six different 360 degree feedback exercises, a range of questionnaires for teams and their leaders, self assessments and personality profiles. You would never use all of these in a single initiative but careful choice of appropriate tools is an essential part of a high performing initiative.


Competency Modelling

changeCreating a useable competency model for each job role can be a foundation for change. Sometime no such model exists, sometimes one does exist but is not user friendly for those who need to understand and refer to it. A good competency model is the solid ground on which good personal development is based – what is it I should aspire to? What skills should I possess? What development do I need?

Project Led Development

projectBy taking a workplace challenge and making it a focal point for a leadership development initiative you can ensure the link between theory and the real world. At the same time you also create a powerful measurement of success.


elearnWe incorporate eLearning only as part of a blended learning solution. We use it to augment face to face coaching and maintain focus and interest in-between face to face initiatives.