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Blue Water Nursery

Blue Water Nursery
The Blue Water Nursery School, Kumbija, The Gambia

school2In 2008 TBWP formed a partnership with registered charity The Gambian Schools Trust (Charity Reg. 1093083).
Our commitment has been to raise sufficient funds to allow the charity to purchase a plot of land for a Gambian Village community and to build a primary/first school on the land.

The School was completed and opened in April 2009 with the first cohort of 50 pupils, the School currently has 120 pupils.

Click here to go to The Blue Water School Flickr Site. November 2009 saw the official opening of the School.

A ‘friendship plaque’ has been made which carries the name of everyone who has purchased at least one brick. The plaque will be displayed on or in the school as a permanent display of the friendship offered by those who have contributed.


The Village

schoolThree languages are spoken in the village Wolof, Mandinka and Fula, the President is very keen to promote English as he sees it as the International Language of Business. Education and Empowerment of women is also high on the agenda.


The School

peopleKumbija is in the North of the country. The nearest town is Farafenni several hours away.

All the villagers live in mud huts, which have been badly effected by the rainy season once again, this year. There are only 4 people in the village at the present time that speak English.


The People

Living in a Country where education and a high standard of living can be taken for granted, it can be easy to underestimate the impact of this school on the lives of the villagers. The school is the only concrete building in the village, and has the only tiled floor for miles around; it has become something of a tourist attraction in itself.

But it is so much more than a building, it represents hope through education, the community working towards empowering themselves, improving the chances of their young people and having the best start for a worthwhile education. 50 pupils enrolled in April 2009 with another 50 in September 2009. All children received a full pencil case, a tooth brush and toothpaste and a uniform. The skirts and trousers donated by schools in the UK and the shirts made locally in The Gambia.