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Hearts and minds

Hearts and minds

Constructing a successful leadership initiative

It’s not enough to deliver a great programme; if your participants don’t want to be involved, it will fail.

actionAn effective leadership development initiative may ruffle some feathers. It will take people out of their comfort areas; some will feel threatened and react defensively, usually by trying to avoid participation or attacking your programme of activity.

A successful leadership development initiative will take this into account; an appropriate strategy of communication will be devised to win the support of participants and other influencers. At Blue Water we advise on the design of a communication strategy – with our extensive experience we know just how to get it right. We are able to take a holistic look at the stakeholders and the environment in which they are operating, with a view to designing a communication strategy that will promote understanding and co-operation. Any communication strategy will have a number of elements that in unison achieve the desired outcome, including:



elearnA website devoted to your leadership initiative can fulfil many functions, from simply informing (structure, content, dates, expectations), to hosting interactive elements of the learning experience.

Print Fulfilment

permanageAs with all other elements of a communication strategy none will be standalone. Printed material needs imagination and flair in its design and execution, and must complement the other messages and message media being used.

Digital communication

engagedNewsletter and email formats alongside efficient database management are the key to communication. All images and front line word structures must mirror those used in all other communication formats within the strategy.


Participant recruitment

embedIt is not sufficient to just tell managers that they are enrolled on a programme. We have considerable experience in selling participation to your employees so that they begin a programme with the the correct level of motivation. If we set their attitude right at the start, then the benefits to both them and to the entire organisation are magnified.

Briefing of Key Influencers

groupThere will frequently be a range of stakeholders with an interest in your Blue Water leadership development initiative. Some of them may not even know they have an interest until they are informed about the programme and its potential impact. These parties need briefing in a way that gains their support or minimises their opposition.