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Community Film School

Community Film School
Imagine being 16, rejected or abused by your ‘family’

Perhaps you have already spent time in a young offenders institution or in care; do you run? The reality is your future holds a high chance that you will appear among the ranks of the homeless, drug addicted, jobless and prison population.


June 2014 update:

filmThe Foyer Bradford has now merged with Centrepoint who have another 6 locations within Bradford.; from a recent press release:

“The merger means Centrepoint can support even more homeless young people in the UK and build onTthe Foyer’s already established reputation of support in the region”.

In June 2014 Prince William visited the Community Film School and had a go behind the camera, TBWP are very proud to have helped establish the film school which continues to be a fantastic learning resource for the homeless of Bradford – read the full article

In 2009 TBWP were introduced to The Foyer Federation.

130 Foyers operate throughout the UK providing safe environments that reconnect around 10,000 young people every year. Young people entering a Foyer are helped to take responsibility for their own development picking up the threads of education, developing skills for independence, perhaps rebuilding family relationships, overcoming mental health issues or developing stronger self confidence and self belief.

We engagied with the Foyer in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to co-sponsor for 12 months (with ITV and Screen Yorkshire) through fund raising and donation, a community film school. We have a target to engage 125 young people through the school in this period.

As of April 2010 the school has two classes and is growing after a slow start. The challenge is persuading young people to participate but the team are getting better at this. With some input from Blue Water the Foyer has designed a new website which will shortly be launched to help get their messages to their audience. The current crop of students are in the process of planning a special film to complement the Blue Water project – we will be ‘selling’ credits to appear at the end of the film in return for a single annual donation to help fund the project.
matt mi-lin

The Community School Project Coordinators

Mi-Lin Tham and Matt O’Brien have been engaged to get the Community Film School up and running.